Perspective Shift

Perspective is an amazing thing. One moment we can see a situation or person in a beautiful light with hope, admiration or maybe even expectations. Then in almost an instant at times it can shift. Something may be revealed we were not aware of, a new behavior we have never witnessed. Or maybe something within ourselves shifts. We reach a breaking point or limit we didn't know we had. 
From the outside this thing might look exactly the same to others but to you it will never be the same. 
Once I had something I thought was really wonderful enter my life like a whirlwind. Pushing me in positive way, bringing joy, helping reveal and awaken things about myself and my life that I needed to see. Then the perspective shifted, it was no longer what I thought it was or wanted it to be. It was as if a shadow had been cast over it with newly revealed information.

It's hard to not mourn it when this happens because it is a loss in a way. But what I am trying to teach myself, is that what it brought me before the perspective shifted doesn't have to be lost. The ways I felt and the things I learned were real and they can still be something I remember in that same light. Don't let the negative erase the positive. We are allowed to hold on to all the positive we can get in this life. Don't let anyone take those memories of the good stuff from you. They will always be yours. 

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