Create. Be Well. Thrive.

I have been in love with art since I was 8 years old painting with oils in my parents basement. In 1998 I started a journey to make it into a career thinking I was going to have my "dream job". I did turn art into my career for the last 17 years. I have done work for companies from Nickelodeon to Playboy to Gibson. My work has been featured in Grace Ormonde Weddings, Rolling Stone and more. I started a website for photographers that was earning 6 figures as a side job. I was not happy. What I did not know when I was a hopeful teen off to college was the impact making my passion into the thing that paid my bills would have on my well being. I was stressed out and had no time for joy, community or play.  in 2013, after becoming a mother and moving to the South from Los Angeles I started a journey to get back the balance in my life. I have always been passionate about natural health and creativity. I have decided to combine them to help other artists and creatives that might have fallen into the same rut as I did, or simply want to live a more balanced life. After all, we can't be our full creative selves unless we are feeling our best. Join me on my journey for inspirational art, natural remedies, recipes, and honest musings on life, health, balance, motherhood, art and fear, and how we can learn from the simplicity of the way people used to live. Join me on Instagram @meghanaileen for a visual version of the journey.