Often we don't understand the way people around us are behaving. They don't respond the way we expect them too, they make choices that baffle us, we perceive their behaviors as crazy or hurtful. We ask what the heck is wrong with them?! 

Everyone has their own story, their own set of coping skills, and of course, limitations. There is likely a tough daily battle they are fighting just like you. They may not have been taught what you were taught by anyone ever. They might be in so much pain they can't function in the way you think they should. 

I need to be reminded of this every day. My judgement is not relevant. My analyzing or assumptions will probably not be accurate no matter how much I try to break it down or figure it out. 
I can only control my own actions, and my own reactions. I can forgive, I can love, I can also walk away if that is what is best. 
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