I am an all in kinda person usually. I feel things strongly, I love deeply, I work harder than I should. In many ways I am glad this is who I am. It allows me to accomplish and experience things I might not otherwise. It allows me to risk more than some too. But many times, the world around me does not reciprocate. It can be very painful which I of course feel that deeply too. One of these times when I was hurt, I was told by someone who knows me best, "Meghan not everyone loves as much as you do." It was like it had not even occurred to me that that could be true. I expected others to think the way I do, to feel the way I do, and they don't of course. Over time I have been learning to accept this. To love them anyway for who they are, to put in the effort even if the world doesn't give it back to me. It's just who I am. And if there is pain? Well, then I will walk through it to the other side. We don't need to always avoid pain. Yes it sucks, it doesn't feel good. But there is growth, learning, and building of strength and skills within it. 


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