Passion + Vices

Passion for something and someone you love are amazing gifts, and I feel are an imperative part of life. It's easy to lose however as we get swept up by the everyday life: the necessities, the routine, the pulls from all directions. 
I am starting to realize that when I am unable to experience passion I start to feel a pull towards my vices to fill that space. Everyone has vices. The thing they go to when things seem off, when life is just a little too much at that moment. I don't like it at all it makes me feel weak which is not a place I like to fall into. 
Today however, I am choosing passion. I choose to put the effort required into the things and people for which I feel bring that passion to my life. That's the problem sometimes, it does take effort and of course risk to experience passion. Sometimes the vices seem like a better choice as they require no effort and provide some temporary relief. Passion however runs much deeper. Unfortunately it is rarer than I wish it was. But that of course is what makes it so incredible, and so special. And today I decide it's worth it. 


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