Americana Art: For Art's Sake Project: Professional Photographer's Challenge

For Art's Sake Project: Professional Photographer's Challenge. Week 8 Americana Art
There is a word that has been floating around a lot in marketing and genre descriptions these days and it is "Americana". It is a very cool word to me and I love the images it brings up in my mind and the nostalgia it stirs in my heart. Images of 4th of July BBQs, worn denim jeans, farmland, apple pie, 24 hour diners, and home cooked southern food. A couple weeks ago I did an image of Angel of the Forgotten. I took a lot more shots of the dilapidated buildings around here and wanted to share one more today. It has that pure Americana feel to it and documents the world around me as it looks right now, at this moment in 2014. I capture how it looks now so that my grandchildren and great grandchildren can see the world as it was in my time, as those that went before us did for us.


Take a moment this week to document the world around you. That hole in the ground where they are doing a big construction project, that big tree with the gnarled branches, or the tiny blueberry bush in your front yard. Maybe the old house down the street that the same old couple has lived in forever, or the new condos they are putting up on your block, or your favorite coffee shop, or local hangout. Take a moment to document it this week. Things are changing so fast around us. It is our duty as photographers to document things as they are in our time, in our place. For me, where I am in the Tennessee countryside, this is what is important for me to document. That and I am inspired by the "Americana" and nostalgia that surrounds me here.


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