Natural Remedy for Tummy Aches and Other Problems

Today Fiona had a tummy ache. She eats a lot of beans and broccoli which is fantastic, but sometimes gives her a bit of a tummy ache! She was literally screaming. I think she might be in some phase where she is uber sensitive to the sensations of her developing body because she is so dramatic about everything from a splinter to a hang nail! This can get a little exhausting for mommy, so I am always excited to find ways to help her though these terribly dramatic situations with a simple natural solution.

Anyway so I gave her some probiotics ( I use Udi’s infant powder and put it in some water for her). Then I rubbed a drop of my peppermint essential oil mixed coconut oil (Costco has a great huge tub of organic extra virgin for $14 will last you forever) on her feet. Literally within 30 seconds she was fine. From screaming to fine in 30 seconds flat. Essential oils on your feet for those of you that don’t know will service all the cells in your body within 30 seconds. There are pressure points on your feet that go to every organ in your body. It is called reflexology if you want to explore it more. My mother is certified in it so you can do extensive study on it, but you can get a simple chart online in many places easily to just use while doing yourself and your family’s feet with essential oils.

I was so amazed that this actually worked that well! My husband affectionately makes fun of me and my natural ways by saying that essential oils are for leprechauns and unicorns. Can’t really deny results like that though baby!  I am so excited to continue to learn daily about new ways to help my family!