Holistic & Inspired: Musings, Confessions and Natural Living for Creatives

holistic-and-inspired-blog Welcome to my new journey I am calling Holistic & Inspired. 

So what does wellness or holistic living have to do with photography you ask? Good question ;) As creative people wellness is very important. When trying to be creative, especially on demand like we have to do when we run a business, feeling your best is really helpful. If you feel run down and tired, or are sick, or just plain don't feel good, it is harder to pull out your best creative work!

My mom raised me to use natural remedies whenever possible and to respect our earth and the great healing resources God gave us. These days I feel this is more important than ever to try to be self sustainable as well as be aware of keeping ourselves and our families healthy.

If you are interested in this too, follow along and I will bring you some thoughts on things have learned along the way. I will also take you on my journey to further my knowledge and experience. I have a little girl just starting preschool (germfest!) and a husband with a chronic disease that I am fighting to help with him every day. If you are interested in any particular topics or concerns please contact us and let me know!


xoxo Meghan Aileen