Homesteading Tip: Treat for Chickens & Essential Oils for a Cold

My daughter is sick this week for the first time in almost a year thanks to my doTERRA Essential Oils.  She has not had more than a low grade fever for a few hours since this time last year. But this week she decided to lick the railing at the ice skating rink before I could stop her. That will do it! She is out for the count with fever, aches, and stuffy nose. I have her on a rotation of essential oils (oregano, melaleuca, lemon, on guard, and peppermint for her fever) and immune builders like collodial silver, elderberry syrup, and zinc. She is fighting hard and has not gotten a cough or anything too terrible. We all needed some comfort food. So I decided to make some stew in the slow cooker. I just recently discovered the magic of the slow cooker. I don't know why it took me so long to use one but it is pretty genius. It took me about an hour to get everything in the pot but I was interrupted a lot by the little sick one. We had just shopped at the Franklin Farmers Market on Saturday so I had some wonderful veggies to put in it and a brisket as well. I put the brisket in on the bottom, then chopped multi-colored carrots, a purple yam, a regular potato and some white onion. I mixed up some vegetable stock, and some organic potato leek soup, some garlic, onion powder and black pepper in a bowl and poured that over it. I set it to cook on low for 8 hours. Done.

The peelings from my carrots and potatoes are the perfect treat for my chickens so I grabbed them and tossed them out in the coop area for them. They were very grateful!

If you want to get your own essential oils for your family, visit my page HERE for more info on how to get them.


Fight off Colds this Fall: Natural Immune Booster Essential Oils

My Fiona just started Preschool and it is fall so that means germ fest!! She used to be sick at least once a month. She has not been sick now in 4 months! How did this happen you ask? Four Theives is a powerful essential oil that boosts your immune system and helps you fight off viruses, bacterial infections, it energizes and uplifts you, and it smells like Christmas! How can you beat that! On kids you want to dilute it with a carrier oil, I love Coconut Oil, it is antiviral itself so that always helps. But you can use Almond oil as well. Costco has a great big tub of organic extra virgin coconut oil for $14. It will last you a long time! So with my daughter I rub coconut oil on her feet first, then I put ONE DROP of Four Theives on my hand and then rub into her feet. You can put cotton socks on them after the oil if you can't get them to stay put long enough for it to absorb. If they are wiggle worms like my Fiona, you will need to! It includes Cinnamon and Clove which are hot oils so you want to make sure you are always diluting this oil especially on kids skin. It also is good to to a small test area first to make sure there is no reaction.

On yourself or other adults, you can do a couple drops, and you can repeat a few times a day when you are sick, and I recommend twice a week during cold season for preventative. The essential oils will build up in your system and help keep your immune system strong all year long.

P.S. I am not a doctor and can not diagnose or treat your illnesses, I am just sharing what works for me. :)