On Vacation: For Art’s Sake Project: Professional Photographer’s Challenge

This week I am on vacation! It's a mommies and kiddos vacation with family in beautiful South Carolina. I am taking the time to enjoy the little things, to be grateful and joyful. Today my little Fiona and I painted this bird feeder together. It was a birthday gift to her from her Aunt Cristin and she couldn't wait to open it and paint it. She loves art projects so much and her excitement is enough to be contagious. When you are painting a bird feeder with a almost 3 year old, it doesn't matter if it is done well or not. It doesn’t matter if it looks good, or if anyone else likes it. I loved that about working on this with her. It was just about doing it, not about the quality of the end result. I fought myself a few times to not control the situation but in the end it was very rewarding to complete it with her no matter how it looked. Looking forward to getting daddy to help her hang it on one of our hundreds of trees when we get home! Take the time this week to make something that does not have to look good! It is very liberating and just plain fun :) week 9 BLOG2