A Yoga Pose for Creativity: Holistic & Inspired

I love yoga. It is like exercise without having to exercise to me. It is uplifting at the same time as it is challenging. Right up my alley! I have been thinking about some poses that are good for us as creatives. Something that might help us in a time where we need some inspiration, when we need to hit pause, step away from the computer and refresh. The first thing that comes to mind is Child's Pose. I talk a lot about what we can learn from children, and here is one more thing. In this pose you are laying face down on the ground, knees up to your chest, and your head is down with forehead touching the floor. For me this pose shuts our the world around me, the stressfulness, the distractions. It allows me to feel like I can be in my own world, just like as a child. I an let my imagination go since I have eliminated all distractions. Close your eyes and put yourself anywhere you would like to be, and see what happens from there! Your imagination can surprise you at times, it can bring you a creative present you were not expecting, if you give it the chance and the right environment. Namaste. To enhance your creativity even more you can diffuse an uplifting essential oil such as peppermint or lemon. If you are feeling overwhelmed then try lavendar or bergamot to relieve your stress; 2 of my all time favorite smells especially when mixed together.


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Holistic & Inspired: Musings, Confessions and Natural Living for Creatives

holistic-and-inspired-blog Welcome to my new journey I am calling Holistic & Inspired. 

So what does wellness or holistic living have to do with photography you ask? Good question ;) As creative people wellness is very important. When trying to be creative, especially on demand like we have to do when we run a business, feeling your best is really helpful. If you feel run down and tired, or are sick, or just plain don't feel good, it is harder to pull out your best creative work!

My mom raised me to use natural remedies whenever possible and to respect our earth and the great healing resources God gave us. These days I feel this is more important than ever to try to be self sustainable as well as be aware of keeping ourselves and our families healthy.

If you are interested in this too, follow along and I will bring you some thoughts on things have learned along the way. I will also take you on my journey to further my knowledge and experience. I have a little girl just starting preschool (germfest!) and a husband with a chronic disease that I am fighting to help with him every day. If you are interested in any particular topics or concerns please contact us and let me know!


xoxo Meghan Aileen


Thoughts on Not Shooting People: For Art's Sake Project

Professional Photographer's Challenge: For Art's Sake
A 52 week challenge to fall back in love with art
Thoughts on Not Shooting People
I know most of you shoot people for a living (insert joke about telling people that at your high school reunion here) And I usually do too. I love the emotion and movement and engaging connection that images of people can show. But this week I wanted to focus on an object. Mix it up a bit! I shot a lot of detail images when I did weddings, and I enjoyed that part of it quite a bit. I like the simplicity of just shooting a thing. I don't have to talk to it, try and get it to understand what I want it to do, work with it's schedule or in my daughter's case, her mood and every whim! I just sat it where I wanted it and it stayed there! This cool looking thing is an antique miners lamp. It is probably from the early 20th century and was used on the hard hats of the miners as well as motor cars, bicycles and more. I love the design of it, the texture and colors of the metal and the fonts and text on it as well. I bought it from a guy at the flea market when I was trying to plan my shot of Fiona and the vintage wooden race cars. I didn't end up using it in that image, and kept it more simple but wanted to do something with this. I edited it with the new Americana Lightroom Presets I am working on and I love them for objects as well! If you feel like you need a break from shooting people, from finding a model, or doing what your client's want instead of what you want. Shoot an object. Find something that has gorgeous color, texture or shape and just photograph it for the simple beauty that it is.
Edited with the new Americana Lightroom Presets coming soon!'
xoxo Meghan Aileen

Week 4: Professional Photographer's Challenge. For Art's Sake: Surreal Children's Photography

For Art's Sake: Surreal Children's Photography

Imagination. Wonder. Adventure. These were my inspiration for this week. Sticking with the surreal I decided to go a different direction with an image of a child. Having a 2 year old has taught me so much about wonder, imagination, and enjoying simple pleasures. The way her mind works is so intriguing. She can spend hours with a blanket or a balloon creating all kinds of games and things to do. We could all learn a little something from that. We need such complex entertainment as we get older and especially in this highly advanced age of technology.

We stopped the car the other day on the way home because there were 3 hot air balloons setting up to take off in a field by our house. Those are the kind of things that can make even us adults revert to a more child-like state of awe. My daughter was so fascinated. All of us were. I like to imagine that something like this image was going on in her head when she got home....


Disclaimer: Kids don't try this at home  ;) marketing for photographers, inspiration for photographers, free photoshop actions

For Art's Sake Photography Challenge: Surreal Children's Photography


This sweet little miss here is getting ready to float off into the sky for an morning adventure. As any good pal would do, she lovingly ties each one of her friends to their own balloon, and off they go. I imagine they tease the squirrels in the trees, someone needs to. I am sure they go down the street to the neighbor's house with the pool and land right in the water. Those furry critters must get hot in the Southern summer heat.

I needed a bit of that contrast I love in there so the overgrown boarded up house contrasts the clean innocence of the child and the animals. I am going to stick with the child based surreal for next week too, there is something I really love about this. It is good for my soul too to have to put myself in the mind of a child. I learn so much from their curiosity and wonder. My jaded old mind is starting to appreciate the simple joy of balloons, turtles, and lightning bugs too.

Hope to see you next week!


Meghan Aileen


The Shoppe Photoshop Actions Used: 

Matte from the In Vogue Actions Collection

Tea Time from the Nostalgia Actions Collection

1600 Film from the Nostalgia Textures Collection