Adaptation to Change

Why is adjusting to change so difficult at times when we are naturally adaptable creatures? The process I am sure is intentional. We fight against the pain, tension, and simply being uncomfortable with the unknown. Being in a place of comfort is a beautiful thing, something to be forever grateful for each and every time we experience it. Significantly more difficult is being grateful for the process of change. Personally, I can feel like a fish out of water, gasping and struggling. At other times it manifests more in the form of becoming frozen, a deer in headlights knowing the car is headed right for me but I can’t seem to decide which way to go. I close my eyes hoping the darkness is more comforting than the harsh light of change, of what is being lost. That’s really what it is isn’t it. Change means something is being lost, something we held tightly onto. Something we felt we needed and we probably did for that season. But just like Winter turning to Spring, change can and usually does mean growth, new life and birth. Even in the face of the opposite, as Winter comes around, we may only see the loss of life around us and feel the cold to our very core. But remember that new growth is only lying dormant temporarily, and this cycle is necessary to fully experience the beauty of when that new life of Spring emerges.


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