Slowing Down

Driving down the road my 4 year old impatiently asks over and over how long til we get there. A twenty minute drive is an eternity in her world when all she wants is to be there having fun with her friends already and not strapped in a boring car. I try to explain in a typical parental fashion how we need to be grateful we even can travel by car and don't have to spend 6 hours walking there through the snow...up hill both ways of course. ;) I think some of it sinks in until 3 minutes have gone by and it starts again. Her age is of course a factor here but we still all do this as adults. Impatient and angry when we have to wait. We want what we want when we want it....which is always now. We live in a worked ruled by who can make things most convenient, fastest and easiest for us all. That way we can have the most leisure time and be the most productive and successful at the same time. Except sometimes the best things in life come from the reward of sweaty work or feeling through the tension and getting to the other side. #fog #road #twolanes#backroads #franklintn #tennessee #travel#explore #musings #trees #writing